This is way to funny to have really happened.

Well Like I will explain in a future post I am a big chicken when it comes to shopping for women’s clothes.  So my wife is gracious enough to help.  I decided I needed a new bra and as it turns out Penningtons was having a sale,  regular $50.00 on for $28.00 and that’s a deal I can’t pass up.

Now we have decided that I know exactly what I want before I go there that way we can find what I want and get out without any undo notice.  While driving there we had discussed what style I wanted and in what size (40D).  As we get into the store we find the lingerie section and make our way there,  the store is almost empty except for a few customers.  As we get to the section we start to look for the style I wanted and almost find it where a store rep pops out of nowhere and asks if my wife needs some help,  no she says “I am just browsing for a new bra” .  Have you had  fitting lately because the proper bra size can make a world of difference.  My wife looks at me sheepishly knowing that if she gets a sizing and ends up buying one in a different size that might look weird.  And what does my wife say,  “I guess I could get a fitting”

Wife and store rep head into back to do the fitting and after a few moments wife returns telling me she is a 40D.  What are the chances of that.  So after that brief little fudge up we continued to shop and had a great afternoon.  Even got my wife a new bra,  she deserves a reward for putting up with me.


2 thoughts on “This is way to funny to have really happened.

  1. Too funny! Thanks for sharing. We are doing a lot of shopping as I think we have finally convinced my girl that she really doesn’t want or need to dress like Raven or Rue Paul!!

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