Where am I? It’s Dark in here.

Well not out and about as Cynthia that’s for sure.   Been doing this for about 17 years and I can still count on one hand the purchases I have made for myself without my great wife’s help.

I know, I know,  the people that work in the stores are only there to take your money and not judge you but I still feel like someone will put 2 and 2 together and get what’s really going on here.  Plus living in a small city like I do it’s never out of the question to see somebody that you know or a relative while buying some new make up.

My best adventure to date has been going out to my local Addition Elle with a list in had and picking up a pair of thigh highs.  Of course I told the woman behind the counter that I was picking them up for my wife but the fact that I was turning from a normal color to a bright shade of red may have been a giveaway.

I am still working on this slowly,  Last week I was able to go to Shoppers Drug Mart and purchase a Gillette Venus razor,  Satin Care shave gel and a bottle of Olay body wash, again telling the lady behind the counter it was for my wife and again turning bright red.

So some people are able to jump right in and have no problems buying things in male mode,  unfortunately for me I do not have the self confidence to do that but applaud the ones that do.


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