The tale of the boxer and the rice breasts.

I had almost forgot this story until my wife reminded me of it a couple of days ago.


Year’s ago me and the wife had very little extra money,  cross dressing supplies were very last on the things we could get.

 We could not afford any extra stuff at the time so actually going out and buying a pair of fake breasts was completely out of the question.   While looking on the internet I found some very clever ways to make some fairly believable fakes for use.  Now for me they do not really have to be totally life like as I never leave the house dressed as Cynthia but they do help in the process.

Some involved setting a bra in sand and lining the cups with plastic wrap and filling the cups with silicone.  This process would make some almost life like breasts due to the movement of the silicone.  Seeing as it would take about 5 tubes of silicone at close to $5.00 a tube I did not go for this method. 

options 2 seemed to be water balloon’s which do have a tendency to look fake and can break and make a huge mess.

Option 3 was old pantyhose filled with rice or bird seed.  This option seemed best suited as we had a  surplus of pantyhose with runs and lost of rice in the house.  I set out making my fake breasts and when I was done I was fairly happy with the finished look.  They were still not as good looking as a real set but for me they would work.

I used my rice boobs for awhile and kept them in the special place I kept all my fem stuff.  At the time we were living in a small apartment and had recently taken in a  rescue dog.  He was supposed to have been a Staffie but ended up being more boxer than anything.

One day while Cynthia was out my wife called and I needed to go and pick her up.  I ran upstairs to change back into my male clothes (luckily no make up on) left all my stuff on the bed and rushed out to get my wife.  Returning home the dog was sitting on the couch just like he was when I had left.  As I reached out to pet the dog I noticed a small piece of pantyhose type material stuck to his lip.

I instantly ran up stairs into the bedroom to find lots of rice and torn pantyhose scattered all around the bed room.  This was by far the biggest mess I had ever seen a dog make.  He had ignored all other pieces of clothes and went right for the fake breasts and torn them into a million pieces.  It took me over a hour to clean the room and vacuum all the rice up and for the longest time I still kept finding rice.

Lesson learned.  When you are done dressing up,  put your boobs away.



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