Dress the way YOU want


I recently read in a blog that the way women dress now days was detrimental to how Cross Dressers can dress,  WHAT THE FUCK?  The argument used was that is was harder to fit in because women are dressing down more these days,  no shit the 1950’s are over.

This is not the first time I have heard a argument like this,  and I left a Cross Dressing web board after seeing post after post close to this topic.  This just outrages me to no end.   I can totally see why women tend to dress down when not at work.  The time it takes to make yourself look like Joan Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver just to run to the store to pick up some milk is so outdated.

Why should women be forced to keep up to standards that are so high that they are almost impossible to keep up with.  I know most Cross Dressers would give anything to spend a day in a nice dress and some make up but that is your choice.  Get that, YOUR CHOICE.  Just like a woman has a choice in what she want’s to wear and when she want’s to wear it.

Rant over



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