A Foot out of the door, of the closet that is.


Coming out of the closet is not a easy thing to do ever.  Whether it be you are Gay, Trans or Cross Dresser,  letting someone in on your little secret can be a very hard thing to do,  and deciding on who to tell can be even harder.

I have two very different tales of how people found out about my other side for your reading pleasure.


My wife

Ahh back in the good old days of 1996 everything seemed great,  I had been with my girlfriend for 6 months at that point and everything seemed to be going pretty good.  Up until this point I had not really thought about telling her about my other side but I knew it was inevitable that the urge to dress would get to a point where I would have to tell her.  You have to remember back in those days I did not have access to the internet and any information I had on Cross Dressing came from daytime TV talk shows which always cast a bad light on act and how it tore family’s apart.  

It took days to finally get up the nerve to let her know that I had something important to tell her.  I was not even able to tell her out loud that I was a Cross Dresser so I spent most of the morning trying to spell it out to her.  It took most of the morning but when she finally put all the pieces together I could not have asked for a better response.   I can’t say she was ecstatic with the idea but she seemed to already have a sense that there was something different about me and rolled with the punches. 

Although after that it was months of me badgering her for stuff,  in hind sight not the greatest idea but I have learned some moderation from my prior mistakes.

My Co-worker

This one is more of a mistake,  but a mistake in a good way.  This all happened about a year ago.  Me and my co-worker have a great relationship as far as work goes,  She has let me spill my guts on more that one occasion about the troubles that are going on in my life and has always listened to me.  We were joking one day about shoes for some reason and she mentioned something about high heeled shoes and I made some sort of crack,  She replied that she did not know me that well and it was left at that,  just a joke.

Weeks later my world seemed to be falling apart due to some problems going on in my life and I was stressed out to the max at that point.  She had asked how I was dealing with my stress and I responded that I was playing a lot of video games and some other weird things that would freak her out.  Her exact words were “Oh Honey, there is nothing you could tell me that would freak me out”.  I blurted out “Remember the joke a couple of weeks ago about the high heels?,  Well I do own a pair and can walk in them quite well.  

It was really out of my mouth before I even knew what I was saying and I just froze like a deer in the headlights.  Her exact response eludes me now but it was something like “okay”.  That was pretty much the end of the conversation although it has been brought back up from time to time in passing.

So those are my two experiences in coming out.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.



3 thoughts on “A Foot out of the door, of the closet that is.

  1. I am so glad that your wife is somewhat accepting about your being a CD. My is also somewhat accepting of my dressing but it has taken 4 decades to get to that point. I was 19 when we met and we married a month after I turned 21. I had always been very busy with school, work and tons of activities. I was involved in everything. Perhaps the business kept my mind of wanting to dress.
    To me back then (Nixon was in the White House and I had lucked out with a high draft number) the term TG was not in vogue. We know about Christine Jorgenson the transexual and I knew that there were transvestites but compared to today those were the dark ages.
    I married, worked full time, finished school at night, had a job that kept me busy 6-70 hours a week and then we started a family. It is only now that the kids are grown and gone that I feel free to dress around the house.
    While people I have met either on line or when I go out know that I am a CD none of them know my male person and other than my wife no one who knows the guy me would ever imagine that I am a CD.
    There is another component in play. While your wife may be fine with you being a CD whether you dress at home or go out dressed, while a major event in your life, is a mere bag of shells to others. Other women are typically fine dealing with a CD as long as it is not their husband.

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