Any day I get something on sale is going to be a good day!


I knew it would be a good day today.

As I was web surfing yesterday at my favourite stores website I noticed that had a lot of stuff marked way down,  especially this bra that I have had my eye on for awhile now.  Now there is no way I could bring myself to pay the full $70.00 that it was originally,  but at $19.00 there is only so far my arm will twist.  And of course what is a Bra without the matching panties to go with it,  to my excitement they were also on sale.  

I had to tweet Addition Elle to get some more info and it turns out they were marked down with a extra 30% off,  a deal I could not pass up.  All day all I could think about was finishing work and getting over to the store and get my things.  Sometimes it just makes the day go faster when you have something to look forward to t,  especially on theses cold winter days working outside.

Before I left for my afternoon job I just had to tell the woman I work with about my super find for the week and we had a small discussion on the benefits of better bras and how they last longer (or forever in my case) and a few jokes about wearing them to work before I headed out the door for my last job before I could leave for the day.

At 4:00 pm I was out the door and heading to pick up the wife to head over to the store.  This time I made sure she did not get a fitting and what the size I needed was.  There was a lot more than just bra and panties on sale so the wife picked out a nice 3/4 sleeve printed top,  we grabbed my stuff and then went out for some coffee.

All and all it was a good day.

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7 thoughts on “Any day I get something on sale is going to be a good day!

  1. There is something about the little reward of clothing, especially when you have been waiting for for some time. And I can say those look like they are worth waiting for.

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