A Monumental Event.



Well I can say I passed a milestone today,  I went out shopping by myself.

This may not seem like a lot to some but this was my real first purchase of women’s clothes without the help of my wife,  and this is how it all went down.

The sale that I had mentioned in my last post is still on and is now even better,  the same bra I had purchased for $14.00 was now on for $10.00,  needless to say I wanted to go back and get some more for this price.  I had mention to the wife that I would like to go out Thursday night and pick up a couple of more items while the sale was still on.  Thursday morning I was chatting with the Lady I work with and mentioned to her that it was going to be a good day because I would get to go out shopping after work.

Thursday seemed to pass by a little faster and after work I rushed home to pick up the wife.  Unfortunately she did not really feel like shopping as she had some other running to do and just did not feel like it.  In my wife’s defence she has put up with a lot from me over the years and she is not really crazy about clothes shopping on the best of days.  Later that night I told her that I was going to the sale whether she was coming with me or not because I could not pass up deals like this.  I got a weird look and was told jokingly that I was stuck in a pink fog,  seems about right.  Now up until this point I have never been able to muster the courage to go out on my own for anything except razors, shaving gel and some other small things that no one would notice too much at the cash but this was a whole different story.

I spent late Thursday night going through Addition Elle’s web site checking the sale stock and making sure it was in stock at the local store.  I made my self a last and prepared my cover story,  all my ducks were now in a row.

Friday morning I was asked how my previous night’s shopping trip went and I had to tell her that I did not get to go and told her why and explained how my wife is not crazy about shopping and that I was going to try and make the venture on my own.  She reassured me that lots of men get away with buying stuff for their wife’s all the time and no one would even notice.  She even asked if I wanted her to go with me,  I was not really sure what to say (YES YES YES) but my better judgement kicked in seeing as at that point in the morning the weather was pretty crappy and I did not want her to have to drive back into town in that,  I thanked her though, A LOT.

So I finished that day at work and proceeded to head off to the store and psyche myself up.  I have many times before tried to go into a store and have always got to the door and walked past and regretted it afterwards but I knew this time would be different.  I approached the door and walked in like I owned the place, walked up to the counter and said I would like to buy some stuff for my wife.

I know I know some CD’s have no problem telling the customer agents that the stuff is for them but 1: I live in a smaller sized city and it’s not unheard of to run into people I know and 2: I am not really at that point just yet.  I showed the lady behind the counter the list I had made outlining the products I have “viewed my wife looking at on line” and decided to get her as a present.  She was very helpful and quickly made her was back to the bra department and started to pick out stuff on the list.  Now it did get a little tricky as the one bra that I wanted only had the matching bottoms in thongs,  I have never tried thongs and decided now was not the time and she was nice enough to find another bottom that was almost a perfect match.  When it was all said and done I had picked up 2 bra’s and 4 pairs of panties.

I paid for my stuff and walked out the door feeling like I had taken the world by the tail.

I will put links below to the stuff I bought

Bra #1, Bra #2, Panties #1, Panties #2


3 thoughts on “A Monumental Event.

  1. That’s great Cynthia! I had a similar experience, using shopping for my wife as a story. However I also used the Christmas shopping season as additional cover. Not sure I could pull off what you accomplished! Kudos GF!

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