Meanwhile, On the Internet. EP.1


Just thought I would start a new section here on my blog.  I will try to post a couple of new websites or blogs that I come across at least once every week.

Full Figured and Fashionable is a awesome resource if you are looking to put together a new look.  She outlines what she is wearing and where she picked it all up.  A very awesome sense of style.

Buffer Zone Nails is a Etsy store that sells hand painted false re-usable nails in a wide range of styles and sizes with woman and the TG community in mind.  Her work is awesome.




5 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On the Internet. EP.1

  1. Love this post – the nails are great, have to encourage my “girl” to order dome of these. Much less stress for me on those rare occasions when we go out en femme and have to be back to male mode early the next day!!!

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