Cynthia is not Dead.

Contrary to popular belief Cynthia is indeed not dead,  she is simply on summer hiatus.

For the most part in the summer months I have too many other things on my mind to even think about dressing let alone the fact that I have no AC in my house and the thought of spending hours on my make up only to have it melt off my face is not very much fun. Plus my job has me working on a lot of roof’s and let me tell you nothing takes the energy out of you like spending 2 hours on a asphalt roof in the hot sun.

Cynthia does reluctantly go on vacation in the summer months,  she waits till the very last minute to stop shaving her legs and to remove the nail polish from her toes, but she is never very far away.  I cannot look at a woman without thinking I would love that dress,  or those shoes or make up.  But for the time being she will take a needed break and be back when the wind grows cooler.

I will endeavour to try and read all the post of the people I follow and keep up with you all.


Till then



4 thoughts on “Cynthia is not Dead.

  1. Yes everything is well here. Usually when the warmer weather comes around I have no urge to dress at all. Seeing as I have this blog now I figured I should let people know how I tend to react in the summer.

  2. Please try to post from time to time so we know you are well. Even if you cannot dress you can post your thoughts about the world around you as it relates to your dressing tendencies.

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