Cynthia’s music of choice…..Not everyone’s cup of tea.


Not really feeling any particular writing bug lately,  so I just thought I would share my top 5 metal songs of all time.

In high school my musical eyes were opened to the world of metal and I have never looked back.  Something within the speed, aggression and guitar really struck a chord within me.  This is just my personal top 5.  Please be advised that some of these songs do contain profanity.


#5: Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction from Countdown to Extinction 1992

This was one of the first Megadeth songs I had ever heard.

#4: Pantera – I’m Broken from Far Beyond Driven 1994

I can listen to the solo of this song over and over again.  Pure guitar genius.

#3: Metallica – Master of Puppets from Master of Puppets 1986

What else can I say,  it’s a classic.

#2: Missery Loves co. – My Mind Still Speaks from Misery Loves Co. 1995

Swedish metal anyone?

#1: Metallica – One from …And Justice for All 1988

This has to be my all time favourite song.  Everything from the intro to the solo in my opinion make the perfect metal song.


This is by far not a definitive list of metal songs just my personal favourites.

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