A perfect pair



I like most cross dressers try my best when dressed to be as feminine as I possibly can, but in some areas I am very much lacking.

I am lacking a believable pair of breast’s, but the options are endless. Spend a little time on the internet searching fake breast’s and you will be overwhelmed by the results. Now currently I have a pair I made from some old stockings and filled with rice, they look somewhat ok but in my opinion fail to move in the correct way. Now I am the only one that will ever know this with the exception of my wife but I still find them lacking.

Now buying a online is not a option for me as I don’t have a credit card to make online transactions and the costs of pre-paid cards does not thrill me. I do have a mastectomy shop in town but as of yet I have not tried to contact them, I don’t want anyone thinking I am making light of a very serious situation.

So back to the internet I go for some more home made solutions.

Years ago I came across blog where someone made a set of forms using a bra, plastic wrap and tubes of silicone sealant. This at the time seemed like a viable option but I don’t think I would want to spend a lot of time with industrial silicone near my body and for the life of me I cannot find the same link. I did however find some other options that I thought were good ideas so I thought I would share them here.

1) Crochet Breast form

This is one of the first that I came upon in my search,  now I can’t crochet but my wife can and she assures me that she can follow the instructions in the link.


2) Sewn Breast form

I can sew but have not done so for years and don’t have access to a sewing machine anymore so I would have to find someone willing to make me a pair of these.


3) Fauxtex Breast forms

This option to me seems the most realistic due to the way the medium is made.  I will definitely be trying to make a set using this method.


If you are able to crochet or sew it might be worth your while to make a couple of extra sets and contact your local breast cancer center and see if they would take donations.

Credit for the picture goes to the Torrid.com website the link to the actual bra is here.


8 thoughts on “A perfect pair

  1. I could use a better pair myself. If you make the fauxtex ones, please let me know how they turn out and how realistically difficult it was to do. Thanks!

    1. I was going to try this weekend Val but when I stopped at the grocery store I could not find tapioca flour. I will be trying though and hope to be able to take some pics and post them to the blog.

  2. Since you don’t have a credit card for online, you can always use PayPal. I bought my forms on eBay using PayPal and the funds came out of my bank account, didn’t cost me anything in bank fees. The forms were £40 and I’m really happy with them.
    Having said that, I admire your creativity 🙂

  3. Any sewing supply store has a pair of silicone enhancers for $20. For years I put a pair in my bra to replace what I don’t have & a second pair to enhance the first.. Worked great for me. A couple years ago I got a “real” pair of forms & just love them. On sale for $60a pair from Glamour Boutique.

    1. I never really looked at the sewing store for inserts. I know Wal-mart has enhancers and yes the best option would be real forms but I am a little apprehensive about ordering stuff on line. It’s funny that you should comment on this tonight as I am about to post part 2 about making my forms.

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