Gone Shopping


The wife and I finally had some extra time so we decided to head out the other night to do some shopping.

We first headed to ugh……..Wal Mart,  not really my favorite place to shop but when every dollar counts around here Wal Mart is usually the cheapest place around.  Scanned around the store for a bit looking for possible Christmas presents,  Came across this,  it’s the body wash that I really use and I am tempted to try the lotion on my legs because I sometimes get little red bumps after shaving,  not sure if it will help but it’s a real deal.

I also pick up a pair of Secret Lace band thigh highs.  I recently asked a friend what she wears for pantyhose she said to give Secret a try.  I normally buy from a speciality store but the price has gone over $14.00 per pair and I cannot keep paying that price for something that I may or may not get 3 uses out of.  The Secret ones seem as good or better that the more expensive ones and so far I really like them.

Before the night was done we decided to head over to the thrift shop.  Now normally I am always disappointed when I leave there because even with the huge amount of clothes they have on hand I can rarely find anything that fits my style,  until last night.  I was able to pick up 2 new blouses that I just love.

The first one is a button up style with longer sheer sleeves.  This should be able to be paired with skirts or jeans.IMG_5267IMG_5268

Second was a 3/4 sleeve printed blouse.  Again like the first one could be paired in both and casual and fancier style it needed. IMG_5269

Just thought I would share my little adventure.



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