A secret within a secret.


Yes I have been keeping a secret from the crossdressing community as a whole.  This post by ValS made me decide it was time to let it out.

At some point I decided it was better left unknown if I had children.  For years if anyone on-line ever asked me if I had children I always answered no.  There was always a unfounded fear that if my secret was ever found out I would not be allowed to see my daughter.

You have to remember when I was growing up there was no internet to try and search out other like minded people.  The only way I knew there were other people like me was seeing them on tv shows like Sally Jessy Raphael where the Corssdresser was painted as a deviant who did not deserve a loving family.  Imagine growing up thinking I would never have a loving wife and family due to the fact that I liked to wear woman’s clothes.  But along the road somewhere I made the right turns and ended up here with the loving wife and daughter the TV said I would never have.

Some people have asked if I will ever tell my daughter about my dressing,  the answer is no.  In this day and age kids have enough to worry about let alone keeping  a secret about her Dad.



2 thoughts on “A secret within a secret.

  1. Damn cross-dressers and their secrets! LOL!
    I know exactly what you mean. I always assumed I would never get married or have kids. I just assumed to be me, I had to be single… or being me, I would end up single.

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