Finding myself on the Web……A History of Cynthia on-line


I have mentioned in previous post’s how hard it was growing up pre-internet being a Crossdresser.   I think I never really would have come to accept myself it not for my loving wife, and some help from friends I met on-line.

It wasn’t until at least 1999 that I was first able to access the internet.  The wife and I (girlfriend at the time) had just moved into our first apartment and we were able to afford some of the nicer things in life such as a computer and dial up internet.  For those of you who don’t remember the sound of a dial up modem or some of you that never had it you can click here to experience it.

My first real connection with another CD was made i with a program called ICQ.  It was the precursor to all the other chat programs like AIM, Yahoo messenger and MSN Messenger.  What was really good about it was you were able to search a database of other users and see what there interests were. It took me forever to come up with my first fem name of Anastasia and looking back it did not suit me at all. I spent a lot of sleepless nights talking to other CD’s till the wee hours of the morning,  I was so amazed that there was a whole group of people like me on this new thing (to me) called the internet that I could talk to no matter where they were in the world,  it was great.

ICQ soon lost it’s appeal and I moved onto other places.  I decided to leave behind the Anastasia name and look for a new one.  I mulled it over and over in my head and decided on Cynthia.  It was about this time that another CD told me of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) that was getting pretty big and you could talk to lots of other people.

I eventually moved on from IRC to Yahoo Messenger seeing as I was able to join Yahoo Groups that I had a interest in and was able to search for user names.  After awhile though most people moved away from Yahoo as other things evolved.  I did for a time run a group for local CD’s in my area but I shut it down a few years ago there was not much people joining.

About 5 years ago I joined a forum for Transgendered people.  It covered the whole TG spectrum from trans people to CD’s.  It seemed like a good place for awhile and I even got my wife to join.  I soon realized that forums were a breeding place for trolls.  Too many crappy posts led my wife to leave and eventually I did as well.  I still look sometimes but almost never post there any more.

And that pretty much brings up to the present.  I don’t find the chance to chat with other CD’s any more like the old day’s.  Sure there is Facebook but I find it even harder to find people on there that have interest even close to mine.  For example I joined what I thought was a CD page for make up tips,  turned out it was more like a place to show off pics and try and pick up,  definitely not what I was looking for and soon left.

So that’s pretty much the history of me being on-line.



2 thoughts on “Finding myself on the Web……A History of Cynthia on-line

  1. We both traveled a similar path, especially where the internet is concerned. It definitely opened up the world to a much greater degree for me. I too spent a lot of time on ICQ and really enjoyed it. I spoke with both CDs and others who would see my profile and just ask questions.
    The forums have been a mixed bag for me. Some good and some down-right awful. There will always be trolls, especially when they can hide behind the anonymity of the internet. I don’t visit those much anymore these days.
    Thanks for reminding me about the early pleasures of the internet!

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