The Cosmetics Conundrum


Out of all the things I have ever bought I find make up and cosmetics to be the hardest.  At least buying clothes or other types of toiletries  I can come up with the story that its for my wife.  Buying a decent matching type of foundation on the other hand cannot be left to luck.

The proper way to buy foundation is to take the colour you think you are and also the shades on either side.  Next is to put all three colours in a line starting on your jaw bone and down to your neck.  Whichever colour dissapears into your skin is your match.  You may have to go out into some natural light to check also.

This is not a option I really want to try.  The city I live in is not large at all so it’s not uncommon at all to come across friends or family while out.  I seem to have very few choices if I want to get myself some decent matching foundations.

1:Try it in the store method

This is the option I don’t want to try.  Most of the local stores like Wal Mart and Shoppers Drug Mart put there make up sections right out in the open at the front of the store.  We have all been to a Wal Mart and know how busy they get.  And like I started at the start there is always a chance of bumping into friends or family.

2: Independent Beauty Consultant (IBC)

Like Avon or Mary Kay.  You would just have to find someone who is willing to work with the CD / TG community.  I have tried to  contact Mary Key reps before with mixed results.  Some seemed interested while other wanted nothing to do with me,  The other downside to a IBC is that from what I know most have little to no training when it comes to actual cosmetic application,  Please let me know if I am wrong about this.

3: Local Salon

While I was the owner of a yahoo group for crossdressers I emailed almost every beauty salon in the city I live in.  Most seemed welcoming to the CD / TG community.  Only problem I find here is most do not sell products they use. I can get a make up application or lesson but I am still stuck without a foundation to take home.

4: The MAC Store

We do have a MAC store where I live,  only problem is it located smack in the biggest mall in town.  Similar story to option 1 but I think the MAC store here in town has it’s own private rooms so it might be a little easier.

5: Take the wife or helpful friend

If like me you have a loving wife who does not mind your dressing you could take her and have a good old time out shopping.  Or if you can find a friend to confide in maybe you can gain a shopping buddy.  Even if you don’t want to try on the foundation you could (with help)  try to find a shade close to your skin tone and like the above method buy the shades on either side and check them at home.  I have heard that Sephora will take returns on lightly used product but seeing as I have no proof of this don’t take my word for it.

So those are my options as I see it to find a matching foundation.  I am thinking that the buy 3 option at this time is the best option I have.



2 thoughts on “The Cosmetics Conundrum

  1. Option 5 is my regular plan. I would be lost without the assistance of my wife. Otherwise I would probably end up guessing via mail order/internet and end up buying/wasting much money before finding one that works.
    You are right, makeup is tougher than clothing and other items.

    1. I have wasted a fair amount on improper foundation. And still looking for the right one today. Would really like to go to MAC but then I would have to let someone else in on the secret.

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