Cynthia’s top 5 gifts she would like to see under the tree.



It’s that time of year again,  Snow,  crowded malls and Christmas.  I never get any gifts for Cynthia under the tree and for good reason, Although I did get a set of make up brushes one year from the wife that she ended up taking.

Christmas shopping can be hard enough let alone adding another name to the list and seeing as money gets tight I can completely understand.  So in a perfect world this list comprises the top 5 things I would like to get for Christmas if it was at all possible.

  1. New Clothes: There is a lot of dresses I have my eyes on like this and this.  But I also would like a new blouse like this
  2. Jewellery: No nothing fancy like diamonds,  just some simple pieces that would go with some of my outfits.  Maybe some necklaces or some rings,  although rings in my size tend to be pretty big.
  3. Shoes: I am always looking for shoes since it’s very VERY hard to find a nice pair of heels on a woman’s 12.
  4. Lingerie:  A nice new bra and panty set would be great.  I really like the like of this and this.  Although a few new pairs of these thigh highs and a couple different colours wouldn’t hurt either.
  5. Girls Night In Basket: I guess this could be called a joint gift,  maybe pick up some new nail polishes,  some snacks and drinks and a movie rental and spend a good night in with the wife doing nails and watching a movie.


So that’s my list,  If you could or do get presents under the tree what are they?



2 thoughts on “Cynthia’s top 5 gifts she would like to see under the tree.

  1. I don’t get any femme gifts under the tree, as the rest of the family would have a few questions. Any of the things you mention would be great, but usually I just end up buying myself something… which I did again this year.
    Merry Christmas Cynthia! I hope you and your family have a great day.

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