Into the Great Unknown


So today at work I was having a conversation with a co-worker about human mortality.  The basics of the conversation was no matter how well you treat yourself there is always a inherent danger in being a mortal being.

This brought a whole new set of questions into my mind like what would happen to me if for some reason I was to shuffle off this mortal coil as Cynthia.  Now I have talked about this topic with the wife on a few occasions and she assures me if I was to die she would make sure that my secret would be safe and she would clean up the scene.  Now as much as I would like to believe this situation is true I know for truths sake I would not really want her to preform this task at all,  or if at that point she even could.

I am sure put into the same situation I would be more worried about getting help and not so worried as to what state of dress she was in.  But I would rather leave this world with people believing me to be the person I have always led them to see me as.  I would never want my daughter to hear that her father died while wearing a woman’s clothes,  it would be one thing if she for some reason ever caught me,  but the having her hear that from someone else would not be good.

And not only my Child but my larger family as a whole,  I can just imagine what would go through all their heads.  I would forever be know as the guy who died in a dress.

Sorry for the depressing post



5 thoughts on “Into the Great Unknown

    1. It came about from a discussion of mortality at work. I am more worried about dying as Cynthia and not so much about the trail I leave behind. Although my wife has assured me that she will always keep a good pair of scissors and make up wipes on hand.

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