Meanwhile, on the Internet Ep.3



Well seeing as my last post was a little depressing I decided to bring back MOTI with some funny stuff and a new store I found.

These videos are not Crossdressing related but are funny as hell.  They do contain some rude humor,  so you have been warned!

If Google was a Guy

If Google was a Guy: Part 2

If Google was a Guy: Part 3


Plush Consignment

While on Facebook the other night I came across a page for a store in  Ajax Ontario Canada.  Plush Consignments sells higher end clothes starting in the size 14 range.  The owner assures me that Crossdressers are welcome to shop during regular store hours or make a appointment for private after hours shopping.   Plush stocks everything from jewellery to Wedding dresses.

If you live near Ajax Ontario check out Plush.  You can check the Facebook page and the Website.

Ajax is about 2 hours away from where I live so I hope I can make it up one day.



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