A Quick review: Gillette Venus Swirl

Call me a sucker for a Gimmick,   but when I see “NEW AND IMPROVED” I just have to try it out.  So when I saw the ads for the new Gillette Venus Swirl razor I just had to get one.

Up  until this point I had been using the Gillette Venus & Olay razor.  

I loved this razor when I first got it for the fact that it’s main selling point is there is no need for shaving cream.  In my house sometimes you really don’t get that much time in the shower and anything to make it quicker is a blessing.  The Venus & Olay razor heads have built in moisture bars that release skin conditioners to help the razor glide over the skin

From the research I did before purchasing the Swirl razor it’s normal price is around $19.99 Canadian but it was on sale for $12.99.  The bonus for me is that it came with 2 replacement blades and the fact that other Gillette replacement blades will also fit in this handle.  The Venus cartridge’s have a pivot on the blades to allow for a up and down tilt,  with the new Swirl handle’s flex ball it also add’s a left and right tilt to allow the blade to better follow the curves of the body.

Friday night I decided to give it a  test drive.  For the first couple strokes I was not sure it was doing what it was supposed to but after I had done most of my lower leg I could tell that it was working very well.  Normally when I get out of the shower and can see I am met with patches all over my legs of spots I have missed and this razor seemed to do a way better job than my standard razor.

More testing is required with my Venus & Olay replacement blades to see how they work in this handle but at this point I am very happy with how this razor is able to follow.  So in conclusion if you can pick this razor up on sale I would suggest giving it a try.

This review was not paid for or endorsed by Gillette.  Just my own observations.




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