Beauty is pain but this is ridiculous.


A while back I was talking to a friend and she made reference to the underwear she has a only “Utility”,  no thongs, lace, bows or anything fancy.  I had never heard anybody refer to underwear as utility and I pictured something with pockets, heaters, lights and whole other list of useful add ons.  Turns out she may have been right idea to stay away from the fancy stuff,  for you see it’s trying to kill you.  Let me explain.

Like Valerie South had stated in this post on her blog,  the grey times are approaching.  Like Val I mostly dress in the winter seeing as it’s the easiest time to shave legs and paint toe nails.  I decided that I would let Cynthia go on holidays with a bang this year.

It was just luck that my favourite store was having a sale this week and I was able to pick up a new bra

Lace Desire Bra – Déese Collection

Some new Panties

Femme Fatale Full Brief Panty

And something I have never owned before,  A Garter Belt.

femme fatale lace garter

Now seeing as I had never owned a Garter Belt before I was a little unsure of how to put it on but it looked easy enough.  Hook and eye closure in the back with adjustable straps…..Easy.  I was able to get it done up around my waist and the front straps hooked up and adjusted quite easily.  At this point I was feeling pretty good about this purchase.  Now for the back straps.  I had to stop and try to look behind me thinking this would be easier if I could turn my head around backwards.  I was able with some severe twisting to get the left leg strap done up to the thigh highs and then the right.  At this point I can feel a slight tightening in my right arm.  I realized that the back straps were a little too tight so I twist around again to the left and adjust that strap but as I twist around to the right I can feel the muscles in my arm tighten up to the point where I almost had to scream in pain.  I had just somehow given my self a Charlie horse in the arm doing a simple task like putting on some clothes.  It took almost 5 minutes for the tightness and pain to finally subside to the point where I could continue my task and finish getting dressed.

I should have heeded my friends advice and stuck to Utility underwear.



7 thoughts on “Beauty is pain but this is ridiculous.

  1. They look lovely, don’t let this put you off! Try putting your foot onto a chair or stool when you fasten and adjust the back strap – that way you also know that the adjustment will be ok when you sit down.

  2. Had to laugh as I read this, because yes… I’ve done the exact same thing on more than one occasion.
    Beautiful lingerie though, so well worth it. Hang in there during the “gray times”…

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