Cynthia’s Summer Update

I hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer.

Usually at this point in the summer I would have no urge to dress at all but seeing as my job is stressing me out to no end I seem to be drawn back to dressing.  Also unlike most times of the year my daughter is off on a summer trip so it’s just me and the wife.  So seeing as I have not posted anything in awhile I thought I would give a update.

A Summer of Firsts

Now I am not sure that I mentioned this before but even though my wife has know about my crossdressing for almost 20 years she has only seen me dressed maybe two times in the 20 years.  I know in my head she would be okay with it because she has told me numerous times but there was always a piece of me that had the fear of rejection,  until now.  About Five nights ago I was wearing a bra with moulded cups but no forms.  My wife told me to fill it out because it just looked weird.  We had to go out and get some stuff so at that point I had to take my bra off.  Upon our return I was able to slip back into the bra and added my home made forms.  Taking in a deep breath I marched out into the living room,  I was met with a non reaction from my wife.  This lead me to get even more courage about 3 nights ago after we had been out shopping for make up (read lower) I had a new boost of courage and bounded in the living room after getting dressed in a nice blouse and skirt.  Again I was filled with confidence and courage that my wife really does have no problems with Cynthia.

Summer Clothes Shopping.

I can’t pass up a sale and when one of my favourite stores has one I am there.  Addition Elle a Canadian plus size store sells some of the nicest looking lingerie (in my opinion) for the price point.  Some stuff is pretty pricey but if you wait till the sale

time you can get items at 50 up 70% off at times.    

I was able to pick up a new bra and panties for just over $35.00.  I also picked up a nice top and a sweater for the wife.  Thursday the sale went to 60% off and I went back and picked up this one.  Like I said I can’t pass up a sale.

Summer Make up Shopping

Seeing as I am able to dress up completely I decided it was time to get some new make up.  This has always been a pain to get my foundation colour even close.  I am pretty sure I have purchased between 7 and 10 different colours and still have not even come close to the right shade.  I used a idea I cam across on the night where you pick the shade you think you are and purchase the colours on either side of that and hope you get it right,  I am not up to the point where I can ask for help from anyone other than the wife and trying on foundation in the store is a no go.  So I ended up getting 2 colours from the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation and also a bottle of Olay Complete all day moisturiser  as I heard it worked well as a base for make up application.  All in all it was a great shopping trip and a good time with the wife as we went out for dinner before hand,  something the two of us have not been able to do for a long time.  I was able to try and use the new foundation and so far it seems way closer than I have gotten before.  Hopefully with some more practise I will be able to seamlessly blend it.

Odds and Ends

Although I did not pick this up this summer this is one of my better finds at the local thrift store. IMG_7836 As we were walking through the store they caught my eye and I had to take a double take but there was a unopened box with a set of breast enhancers.  I believe they were marked at $10.00 and I decided they were worth the money.    Without my rice forms in they do IMG_7837not add anything at all but with the rice forms they seem to add a more natural curved like a real breast would have.  Not a bad purchase at all for the thrift store.IMG_7839

Well I guess that’s all for now


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