Stuff my Wife has said.

Last week I was able to purchase a new bra that I had been looking at for awhile now.
I barely had enough time to even try it on let alone wear it before my wife decided to “borrow” it.  Below is a conversation we had on Facebook.
Me: put it back
Me: no
Me: get your own
Wife: no
looks so good on me.
love it
sooo comfy
now it smells like me to
Me: grrrrrrrrrrr
why ya gotta be like that?
Wife: Be like what You have to be more specific
Me: clothes stealer
Me: Well at least I know I have good taste
Wife: The girls are free now
Me: what girls?
Wife: They are out of the bra and the bra is somewhere I put it down
Its hanging on the door
Me: now it needs to be washed
Wife: No it doesn’t now it smells like a real woman
Me: and what’s that smell like?
Wife: A whole lotta awesome and sexy!
I Just had to post this little insight into my life.  This is not the first time my wife has come out with something like this and it sure won’t be the last.  I have to remember to write them down from now on.

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