Saturday Night This and That


So i had some time to myself today and decided to take advantage of it.  Since I had made my first set of fake nails I really had not been able to get back to them and make any more  plus my system of holding them up while they were drying was a old cream cheese container upside down with holes punched in it,  not really great to work with.  So off to the shop to build this DSC03108  It’s just couple of pieces of wood screwed together with holes drilled in it so the small diameter sticks I have slide in and come out really easy so there it less chance of dropping my nails while they are wet.

And still on the topic of fake nails I have yet to really wear any of the sets I made so again today was a great chance to try them out.  DSC03116  They are not super long but as I have never had or have worn longer than average nails they are taking some time to get used to.  I am trying to type this post with them on now and it’s tricky.

Also tonight I was able to sit down and really try and properly do my make up now that I have a decent stock of good quality stuff.  DSC03117

The brush set in the top right corner was a recent purchase I am really happy with.  It’s a 6 piece set that includes 5 brushes and the clutch to hold them all.  It comes with a pointed concealer brush, round powder brush, detailed lip/liner brush, shadow brush and a smudge brush.  All the reviews I read on them were favourable and I was able to pick them of from Wal-mart for about $20.00 plus tax.  I also wanted to get a foundation brush but they were all out.  I have never used a lip brush before and must say it’s so much better for applying lip colour.  You can see the set of brushes on the Ecotools website.



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