A Perfect Pair. Part 2


A year ago I had done a blog post about creating fake breasts called A Perfect Pair where I had discussed various methods of hand making false breast forms.  Well it’s been a year and I still have not gotten around to doing any methods.  I still have a friend working on some crochet / knitted ones but she is having trouble getting her hands on the specific type of wool she needs unless as she states I want neon green boobs.

I had decided to try the sewn method but I was unable to locate the correct fabric in the store so for the last little while I had put the idea on hold until I decided that I could at least try with any materials I can find.  I decided to go with this tutorial because it contains instructions for making the template for the forms.  It gives rough estimates for breast size  you will need to draw up a 1″ X 1″ grid and then transfer your selected breast size to DSC03121the grid.  The picture on the left show the D sized templates that I made.  You will need to make the templates out of a heavier grade of paper, A card stock would be ideal as you will have to trace the outline of your forms onto the fabric.

I searched every store in the area I live in for swimsuit fabric and had no luck. I even looked at the second hand store for a actual one piece swimsuit but all I could find was 2 piece.

I decided to tear apart my closet and try and find something that was even roughly close to what the article calls for. I found a old decent shape 100% polyester work shirt that seemed to have the stretch and give that swimsuit fabric would.  The picture off to the right shows that IDSC03129 have already cut up the shirt and traced the upper half of the form onto the fabric.  I had no fabric pencil so I very carefully held down the template and traced it with a pen till I got a decent outline that I could cut with a pair of fabric scissors.  After trimming the top sections I set them aside and cut apart a pair of old ripped up jeans.


The jeans will make the back of the forms as it is a more rigid fabric and I am hoping it will hold it’s shape up a little better.  After I get everything cut out it’s time to start pinning the front of the forms to the back.  Now if you read all the way through the article you will see I am missing a lot of steps at this point.  I just did not have access to more of the materials.

DSC03138At this point I have pinned the upper to the lower part and have it ready to sew.  The actual picture is after it has been sewn due to the fact that I forgot to take a picture before hand.  I have sewn around the edge of the form twice to make sure I have a good seal so when I do put some stuffing material inside there is no way it can get out.

DSC03136 This is the form after the pins had been removed.  You can see that my edges are not as great as the ones on the article but hey give me a break I have not used a sewing machine since I was about 15 years old.  I even had too look up a video on Youtube to even figure out how to thread it.


 I turned the forms inside out and they are now ready to be filled.  I was not crazy about the idea of filling the forms with micro beads as I wanted the rough weight of a real breast.  I had emailed the lady that had written the article about other forms of filling.  She had suggested micro plastic beads that are common in some stuffed animals  I had suggested rice but she said she had tried rice but the moisture from the body can cause the rice to release smells.  I had searched for the plastic bead and found them at a local craft store but the price is very prohibitive,  14.99 for a small bag and I would need at least 2.  Seeing as I am never going out with these forms I can handle the rice.
DSC03141 These are the finished and filled forms.  They weight and shape seem to be closer to real breasts especially underneath a blouse.  I am pretty happy how theses turned out and they would be even better if I was able to follow the article to the letter,  but for now they will do.
New forms above old forms.


3 thoughts on “A Perfect Pair. Part 2

  1. These look good Cynthia. I have used rice before and have never noticed a smell, but then I probably had overdone the perfume anyway. I want my next set to not only be of realistic weight, but also have a little natural movement/feel.

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