Saturday night’s Alright.


Well it’s been a couple of months since my last post.  Not really a lot happening here at all.

Last week I found out my daughter was going to a sleep over which means that I could dress and have the run of the house.  The wife and I dropped her off at her party in the afternoon and after headed off to check out some thrift stores.  We did not find anything that caught our eye’s and the store did not have anything grouped by sizes like other thrift stores so you had to go through every article of clothing and check the labels to see if it would fit.

We drove up town to Wal-mart for some stuff and while we were there picked up season one of Mrs. Brown’s Boys.  If you don’t mind crass low brow humour I definitely suggest this show.  It revolves around a family from Ireland with the Matriarch Mrs. Brown being played by as she says it “A man in a Fecking Dress” .

I had Psyched myself up all week for dressing up Saturday night and when the time finally rolled around to start I was getting tired.  I really tried my best but nothing seemed to be going right.  I was not able to get all the stubble off my face no matter which direction I shaved in,  even tried a fresh razor and still terrible.  Shaving my legs was not much better seeing as I nicked my knee.  Moving onto make up I had decided that I was just going to keep it minimal and go with some eye make up and lipstick.  While the wife and I were out I had purchased a eye liner and tried it for the first time.  Again nothing was going my way,  eye liner looked like crap and even my lipstick did not want to co-operate.  I washed my face and just decided to get into my clothes.  I picked a 3/4 sleeve black and white floral pattern blouse, knee length denim skirt and a pair of black thigh high’s.  Nothing that was super fancy but just enough to look good.


We popped Mrs. Brown’s boys in the DVD player and spent the rest of the night on the couch laughing our asses off.  Not a really exciting night and did not get to do all that I wanted but all in all it was a good night spent with the wife.



2 thoughts on “Saturday night’s Alright.

  1. I’ve had those times when nothing seems to go right. I always blame it on the rushing around, but I also know my expectations can also be unreasonably high. The truth probably lies somewhere in-between.
    Anyway, it sounds like a great night with your lady. That alone can make it worthwhile!

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