Welcome to the first post of 2016.  My new years eve consisted of trying to work on my make up skills and not getting very far.  I ended up in bed and asleep by 10 pm.

I don’t make  New Years resolutions but this year I decided to at least try and keep Cynthia somewhat more organized than I have in the past.  We don’t really have a lot of closet space to Cynthia’s stuff is pretty much in some storage boxes and one drawer.  Make up is placed on the top shelf of the linen cupboard to keep it from the Daughters prying eyes.  I recently acquired some more make up from  yet another MK Lady that was not going to be selling any more.  I bought 5 lipsticks, 4 eye-liners, mascara and some make up remover.  It was a awesome deal compared to what Mary Kay products sell for at regular price.

After trying to stuff everything into the storage box I am currently using I decided I needed a new method of storage.



It’s hard to believe but all the stuff in the picture below fit into this small box.

DSC03200 (2)

I could have went to Walmart of the Dollar store and picked up something but where is the fun in that.  Instead I decided to make one.  I made enough space to hold almost all of my make up so when I am using it I can just look down and grab what I need instead of spreading it all over the bathroom  counter.



I am thinking a nice coat of white paint would finish it off so it looks a little more polished.



I think it turned out pretty well

Something else I want to do for the first post of 2016 is finally post a picture of myself.  Although it does not have my face it is a big step for me.

It’s the same 2 blouses, 1 long black skirt and a pair of jeans I had handy.  Got bored and decided to take them.

Well I guess that’s the first post of 2016,  lets see what we can do this year.



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