New stuff coming

Hello lovely readers,  How is everyone doing?

Just a small post to let you all know I have some new stuff coming down the line soon.  I was feeling a little burnt out from the 100 Questions someone might ask a Crossdresser,  I checked the creation date of the original file and I had started it way back in February 2016.

Hopefully you are not bored of lists yet because I have one more left to post and that will be it for awhile.  While checking the stats for my blog I keep seeing that the most used search term for people finding my blog is

  • crossdressed lingerie blog
  • crossdress full up lingerie start
  • crossdressing lingerie crossdressing lingerie
  • crossdressers in lingerie blog
  • lingerie crossdressing lingerie crossdressing
  • cross dressing lingerie
  • ingerie crossdressed blogs

Although I may not be giving these people what they want I will be reviewing some of the lingerie I have purchased over the years and we will see how it goes and if I continue after the first few.

So that’s it for now,  I hope you all have a good weekend and hope to see you back here soon.




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