25 Questions I asked my wife


As I promised this will be my last list formatted post for awhile.

While I was writing the 100 Questions someone might ask a Crossdresser I also though of some questions that myself or some other CD’s may want to ask there wife.  And like the previous list it took me some time to come up with the questions.  I decided that 100 questions for this would be too much again to try and come up with and even to read so I left it down at 25.  My wife was nice enough to sit down and complete these questions for your reading pleasure.  Hope you enjoy and if you would like to have your significant other complete the list as well you can copy and past or email me at cynthia01012 @ gmail.com and I will send you a clean version of it.

So without anything else Here we go……..

1. How long have your know your Spouse / Cynthia? 23 years
2. Where did you meet?  Trip to Canada’s wonder land
3. Was it love at first sight? I thought he was strange, and weird, and had the kindest loveliest eyes I had ever seen.
4. Could you tell there was something different about her? I knew he was sensitive, and just different but I did not realize that he was a Crossdresser.
5. How long had you been together before she told you? I think it was about 6 months.
6. How did you react? I thought he was getting ready to tell me he had cancer so hearing Crossdresser was a relief.
7. How did she react? She looked like she was going vomit.
8. Did knowing make any change in how you saw her? No it did not.
9. Were you tempted to break off the relationship at this point? Nope never even crossed my mind. I believe that people are born who they are meant to be, and some people have something almost like two spirits. It is just who they are and I don’t feel they should be punished or pushed to the fringes because of that. The world would be a lot better place if we could all just learn acceptance. As long as you are not hurting someone, children or animals be who you are meant to be.
10. How did you feel the first time you saw Cynthia? Honestly uncomfortable  but that has gone away.
11. If you could change one thing about Cynthia 1:) Would you, and 2:) What would it be?
1 Yes
2 Pink Fog drives me batty.
12. Do you believe she told you at the right time or would you have wanted to know earlier in the relationship? I think she told me when she was ready and honestly I would have been more upset if she waited years because I would have felt that she didn’t trust me enough or my character enough to share a huge part of who she is with me.
13. Do you remember a special time you spent with Cynthia? Shopping Can be fun.
14. Have you learned anything from living with a Crossdresser? YES that she knows more about make up, clothes, and nails then I do.
15. If you could tell someone that has just learned their spouse is a Crossdresser what would it be?  Take a deep breath, remember they have shared a part of them with you they keep hidden. They trusted you enough to share. Read up if you are not sure, ask them question and if they are bugging about clothes or make up it is okay to tell them to back off.
16. Do you ever share clothes?  Yes mostly me stealing from her.
17. What are the Pros of being with a Crossdresser? Borrowing clothing.
18. What are the Cons of being with a Crossdresser? Pink Fog.
19. Do you go shopping with Cynthia? For sure, not all of the time though.
20. If you could spend a evening with Cynthia what would you do? I would love to go to dinner and do something she wants to do.
21. Do you believe that children of a Crossdresser should know about it?  If yes why? I think it depends on the age of the child, whether they want them to know.
22. How do you feel your child would take it? I am pretty sure my child would be fine, but in saying that she has some issues that need to be taking into consideration. So I don’t feel it would necessarily be a good time.
23. What are some of the annoying things Cynthia does? She likes to say don’t touch my bras, and are you in my bra. I mean my girls need a place and I only have a couple bras.
24. Have you ever told anyone about Cynthia?  If so who and how did they take it? NO it is not my place to say anything ever.
25. What is the one thing you do that drives Cynthia crazy? Pink fog.
I would like to thank my patient wife for taking the time to complete the questions.  She asked me after I had finished reading them if there was any that I did not know.  I was unaware she was a little uncomfortable the first time she saw me dressed.  She said she kept it hidden from me because she did not want to upset me and she knew that it would get easier with time.  I am really lucky.
Thanks for reading.

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