Cynthia’s Lingerie Drawer: Smart & Sexy Leopard Print Bustier.




So I finally got around to snapping pictures of my lingerie drawer and here is the first post. These will be more like show and tell rather than reviews as I lack the knowledge to write and prepare a proper review.  I would also like to state that I am not being paid for anything I am posting in Cynthia’s Lingerie Drawer and I have purchased all products.

This was a sort of present I received from my wife.  She had purchased a bunch of clothes from a buy and sell site on Facebook and this was in the bag new with the tags still on it.  My wife tried it on and was not at all a fan of Bustier’s so she gifted it to me.  It had sat in the closet until I found it again recently and added it to my wardrobe.  This Bustier dose not show up on their website any more.

Smart & Sexy  labels themselves as a affordable lingerie brand and is carried by Walmart.  Their sizes range from 32 up to 44 into the DDD range.


The front of this piece is a satiny stretchy type of material with a mesh back with a 17 hook and loop closure system.   I found it very difficult to get into for the first time and had some trial and error in getting the hooks closed.  There was no way I was putting this on forwards so I had to turn it around backwards and start the top 5 or more hooks.  Then I turned it around the proper way and reached around back to finish the last 12 hooks.

The back of the Bustier is a sheer mesh type fabric with quite a bit of stretch to it.  In the above photo you can see the plastic boning in the back.  From what I have read in other articles the plastic boning does not give the same results as a piece with metal.



The actual size of the Bustier is a 42D which is one size smaller than my current actual band size.  I will at times move to a smaller size of band because I find that a tighter fit keeps my forms in place better and stops them from sliding out when bending over.  I do find the cups on this really dart out on this piece more than what I am used to with most of my bra’s.
The straps on this piece are also removable to make it into a strapless Bustier.
A Close up of the lace detail at the top of the cups.  Not the most delicate lace but it does as add a little more to the look
This Bustier seems to be of solid construction but only time will tell.  I don’t think this will end up being in the regular lingerie rotation just due to the fact that for me it is so damn hard to get into,  although I will wear it on occasion.
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