Cynthia’s Summer Update 2016

summer_updateIt’s been awhile since my last post and since then Cynthia has been packed back into storage till the fall comes back around. Or so I thought.

My last time dressing was around mid April when for a night I had the whole house to myself. It’s pretty uncommon any more that the house is empty and I was not about to waste this opportunity. Around 7:00 pm I was able to take a nice shower and shave my legs for the last time of the season and just spend as much time as I wanted doing my make up and picking out my clothes. I choose to go with very limited make up (Just some eye shadow and lipstick) and a simple denim skirt with a print top. The rest of the night was a fairly relax as I just surfed the net and watched some TV.

The funny this was at the end of the night when I packed all the stuff away it was like a switch was turned off and up until about a week ago thoughts of Cynthia were pretty much out of my mind. I have always been this way, no matter how deep I am in a pink at some point I will stop and not even think about dressing for days, months and even at some points for years.

I will admit that years ago I did suffer from dressers guilt. I would spend days getting ready in my head of how good it would feel to be all dressed up and feminine and it would always end the same way, With me feeling super guilty about what I was doing. I would feel so bad that I would push Cynthia’s things so far to the back of the closet that I would hope I would never feel the urge again but inevitably it always came back. I have made peace with this part of me with the help of my wife and some close friends.

So for the last 3 months thoughts of dressing were the last thing on my mind but like usual about a week ago I stated noticing my thoughts drifting back to thoughts of Cynthia. It may be partly due to me unconsciously noticing all the women around me wearing more dresses at this time of year due to the hot humid weather we have been experiencing. Slowly at first but gaining momentum since then.

So here I sit now with all Cynthia’s stuff dragged out of storage unfolding and sorting and getting ready for the next adventure, Whatever it is.

I am hoping that I can get another Cynthia’s Lingerie Drawer post out sooner than later as I really had fun doing the first one.

Thanks for reading



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