Lots of change

So recently it was confirmed that our child considers herself as Gender Fluid.  She had been talking to her mother for a couple of years now about how she feels but it was not until recently that her mother was able to put a phrase to how she feels.

I was more than pleased to know that they were able to come to us with this information.  We have let her know since a small child that no matter what we would always love her no matter what.  I know what it’s like to have to hold onto a secret like this without being able to tell anyone.  I spent 13 years holding onto this and could tell no one.

We have signed up and  will be attending a workshop for parents of kids and youth who are identifying as transgender or gender diverse and hopefully get some more info to make sure we are doing everything we need to at this point.

After all of this had come out the wife brought up Cynthia to her therapist which for the past 20 some years she has always skirted over.  Her therapist asked how I had dealt with my stuff over the years and even suggested maybe about telling our child about me.  We have talked about it a little and have decided that right now in the thick of all of this and with some other things going on that now is not the best time to tell her.

So when will be a good time to tell her?  at this point I really don’t know.  We have been throwing out some hints and doing some joking around but there is no immediate date set in stone when we will site her down and have the talk.

Do you have children and do they know about your dressing?  Let me know how you would feel about your child knowing about your dressing.

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