Moving Forward In 2020

moving forward

So a new year and a new decade are here, and I’m feeling more alone than ever.

And this is not a slight against my awesome wife who lets me dress whenever I can find the time,  but it’s just not the same as having friends that have the same interests as I do,  I am almost positive that my wife does not want to hear about my latest lipstick purchase and how well the formulation is supposed to be great.  So what’s a lonely Crossdresser supposed to do?

When I first went out to coffee with Shelia she had discussed a possible plan of having meetings for other local CD’s but at that point it was just a idea,  an idea I can’t stop thinking about as I am now wishing to get out and meet more people,  so where do we try to take the idea from here?

Safety Is Paramount:

After talking about the plan on starting a group to my wife,  her only concern was about the safety of myself and others that may want to attend,  how do we ensure the safety and anonymity of anyone that would like to head out to a meeting.  I have sent some emails out to other groups in larger cities to see how they handle the situations and we will see what they say.

A Safe Place To Meet:

The perfect place would be a quiet spot where we could come and go without drawing too much attention and I already think I have the perfect spot.  Here in the town there is a community house that can be rented, either just a room or the whole house.  I am thinking the whole house would work the best as it would give space to those that want to come and get dressed there instead of showing up dressed.


I am thinking that mostly,  meetings would just be a comfortable way for people to meet others like themselves and actually have time and the space to dress for awhile as in some instances it’s very hard if not impossible.  I would also open the group up to spouses as well as at times they also need a place to vent and get help with accepting the situation they may have now found themselves in.  Of course if does go without saying that the group would not only be open to Crossdressers but anyone who deviates from the gender norms when it comes to clothing.

Special Guests:

I would love to eventually be able to have guests come to the meetings,  the first few I can think of are makeup artists and possible people from local clothing / lingerie stores for proper fittings for some people and possible sales for them.  I already know of a couple of friendly stores in the area so I am sure I would be able to bring something together.

So I guess for now this is my little pet project for 2020.  If this does go any further than this post I will be sure to try and keep my blog updated with how it all seems to be going.

Thanks For Reading


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4 thoughts on “Moving Forward In 2020

  1. There seem to be two basic models for groups. The formal “Tri-Ess” model, which seems similar to what you are discussing with a set meeting place and agendas and the informal meet up style.
    It seems that many LGBT bars have disappeared from my neck of the woods but in some places they are happy to host a monthly CD night. I have found that LGBT bars have always been comfortable places for me to go while dressed.
    Check out She is a T-girl from the Twin Cities. She has orgainized an informal group that meets at various restaurants, makeup or transformation places, shopping malls, etc. I think she started with a website and used that to connect with others who are local to her.

    1. Thanks for the information Pat, I used to follow Hannah’s original blog when I started this one, I think one reason I feel the more formal idea would work is this is not a huge city at all and I can’t speak for everyone but I would not be comfirtable knowing I could run into someone I know. But I guess we shall see if and where this leads.

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