My Favorite Things.


I was bored the other night and on a whim decided to post a picture of my favorite eyeshadow palette on Twitter Thinking I would make it a “My Favorite Things” thread. 

I believe it works better as a blog post,  so here ya go.  This is labeled as Part One because I know I will miss some stuff and have to put out a Part Two in the near future.

All of these item’s were purchased by myself and are my own unbiased opinion.  I have not be paid or gifted these items by the respective owners,  but if anyone wants to send me free things I would totally be up for that,  just sayin.

This Dress

Picked this dress up from Penningtons on clearance at the time.  It’s a 3/4 sleeve with a very light fabric.  The picture of me was part accident and part planned as I had my camera set to burst shot and as I moved around the wind also picked up giving a decent pic.  It is seriously the best picture there is of me that most people will never see.

This Top.

This top could go with so many items from a pair of jeans to a plain black skirt,  it can do it all.  The only issue I have with this top is it’s see through,  so there is a need to wear something else.  I usually just pair it with a tank top underneath for the extra coverage.

This Skirt.

I don’t really own a lot of skirts (Maybe 5 or 6) so I really did have a hard time of picking just one I loved more than all the rest so I had to pick 2. 

First up is a Lace Pencil skirt I had my eye on since I first saw it on the Penningtons website.  It was the perfect length and the burgundy lace over the black looks amazing.  I bolted into the store the second I saw this thing go into the sale area at half off and was not disappointed. 


Second is a Pleated Shark Bite Skirt which has an inner and outer layer with the latter being see through.  This is the classic swishing skirt that flows behind you as you walk.  It could be used for a formal situation but could also be worn with a relaxed top for a casual look.

This Bra.

This is the Ashley Graham Animal Print Phenomenon Convertible Bra and it is by far one of the most comfortable bra’s I have ever owned.  This bra does not move or slide down because of the silicone bands on the inside for extra grip when the straps are removed to convert it to strapless.  Plus with the 6 clasps in the back it gives great support to hold on when forms are in place.  Plus you can’t go wrong with the purple animal print,  and of course I got the matching bottoms.


These Pantyhose.

I have spent way to much money over the years trying to find that elusive pair of pantyhose or thigh high’s that will last forever,  alas it is still an ongoing search but these are the closest I have come to being my Holy Grail.

These (at least for me) seem to take a little bit more punishment than some others I have tried before,  and if you have cats you will know the struggle is real.

This Razor.

I have tried a lot of different razors from cheap drugstore brand 2 blades to the more expensive 5 blade variants,  and I have to say by far this beats them all.  I know some people say there is no difference between men’s and woman’s razors but this one in my opinion is well above them all for shaving legs.

The flexible head does follow curves very well and makes it easier to get every last little hair.  I know major brands of razor are very expensive but I have found these last quite a long time for me at least even shaving every 2 to 3 day.


This Moisturizer.

I’m gonna be honest,  I had not tried any other facial moisturizers before purchasing this one but the more I learned about makeup the more kept hearing that a better base lead’s to better looking makeup application.  After some research the Olay Complete Moisturizer seemed like a good affordable choice.

This has very little scent and absorbs quickly.  I was actually amazed at how soft the skin on my grizzled old face felt after using this.


This Lipstick.

Not only is it a great color from a great line of makeup it was also a Christmas present,  so that makes this very special to me.   I have wanted a MAC lipstick forever and last year I got my wish.  It’s a bold red color and damn does it look great.  Was a MAC lipstick worth waiting for?  You bet!

From MAC

A creamy, balmy Lipstick formula with a comforting feel, medium buildable coverage and a semi-glossy finish.

Brave Red is a Bright Yellow Red

and from Temptalia

MAC Brave Red is a moderately warm-toned, medium-dark red with a natural finish.


This Eyeshadow Palette.

Say what you want about drug store makeup but this palette looks amazing.  I don’t really have the money to be dropping at places like Sephora or MAC so I usually wait till I see something I want at the drug store go on sale.  This is one of them.  The colors are so vibrant and the pigmentation and application are great in my opinion.

So there is My Favorite Things part one.  It took me well over a week to write this wracking my brain as to what I really thought was my actual Favorite things over the others that I have.

Thanks for reading.


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