Take some time for yourself.


This year has been F-ed up for so many reasons, and the amount of stress that can be associated with it is astronomical. Sometimes to deal with everything it’s a good idea to take even 5 minutes to think about yourself, so…..

I tweeted

For various reasons that I will not get into here, I will not be able to dress for the foreseeable future and it’s bumming me out. And it’s not that I dressed a lot to begin with, always having to make sure the house is empty of kids is a herculean task in and of itself, and even more so when you have teenagers. So to be honest, even pre-COVID I was only dressing maybe once a month (if that). But now that I know there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE AT ALL, it hits hard.

And I know that this situation has hit other people worse than me. I at least have my wife I can talk to about this and she understands the situation. For all the other Gals out there that are not out to their wives or still living in the closet, I feel for you, and you will get through this.

So back to my tweet about some self-care. I decided to take some of my advice and start my winter routine even though I can’t dress at this point. I figured I could at least shave my legs. The first time always takes so freaking long and so, so many razors. There is very little to no hair on my lower legs but my upper legs and knees more than make up for it, So trying to shave for the first time in a season is a real undertaking, and I just don’t have that kind of time and patience this year.

The new plan? let’s try some depilatory cream to make this a little easier. I did a little bit of research and settled on Nair Shower Power MAX for coarse hair, we had to take a trip to Wally World anyways which would be great because I was almost out of my favorite body lotion as well and it’s the only place it is sold in this entire city. We headed there for 9 and when we pulled in the place was still almost empty (It was Thanksgiving as well) and we were able to pull almost up to the door.

Once we were inside, had our cart, and sanitized our hands we were off. The wife had to head to the shampoo aisle and I took off to the shaving aisle first and quickly found what I was looking for. The Nair cream is a little pricey and way more than I would have spent on even 2 bags of razors and a ton of shaving cream to go along with it but it still seemed like the easier choice.
After the shaving aisle, it was off to the body lotion area where I grabbed my Olay Quench body lotion. I can’t figure out why in a city of this size there can be only one retailer that sells this brand of moisturizer? I have checked every drug store, grocery, and little shop I can find and no one else carry’s it. So that means when I run out it’s a trip to the far end of town to get a new one. And it’s not like it’s some sort of high-end moisturizer either, It’s Olay which pretty much is a staple of drugstore and the like. Okay, I am done ranting.

We wandered the home goods and electronics section before heading off to pick up some groceries and then proceeded to the checkout. To my amazement, there was no line and we were ushered up to an empty cashier. Once we had paid for everything we were out the door and heading home again.
Once home the wife went to lay down while I cleaned the kitchen and put all the groceries away. When I came across the bag with my Nair I decided to read the directions, and damn even with my glasses on I had to strain to see the writing. I know space is limited on these bottles but if these companies could please make the directions a little bigger that would be great, it is after all a chemical that burns the hair off the body.

The product has to be applied to dry skin and then you can get into the shower but you cannot leave the product on for more than 10 minutes. So the plan was to apply the product, set the timer, shave face, and then hop into the shower and wait for the timer to go off.

I announced like I always do before a shower, “DOES ANYONE NEED THE BATHROOM?” and I was greeted with a round of no’s, great I can now have some peace and quiet.

The Nair is applied with a weird sponge that comes with it, it’s smooth on one side and bumpy on the other. According to the directions you are to apply a thick coat with the smooth side of the sponge and then after waiting the time remove with the bumpy side using a circular motion. So the plan went into action and by the time I finished shaving, I only had 4 minutes left and hopped into the shower and started to clean up. Once the timer went off I grabbed the sponge again and started on my left leg, and HOLY CRAP this is so much faster than shaving. With standard razors and gel, I would have been stuck in the shower for at least 30 min (or longer) and have used half a can of shave gel and at least 3 razors (or more) before my legs were decent.

So now I am done in the shower and all I have to do is hop out, moisturize and I will be done.


Me: What?

Wife: I need the bathroom, are you done?

Me: I freaking asked if anyone needed it before I even went in here!

Wife: I know, but I didn’t have to go then.

Well shit, it never fails. I dried off as much as I could and applied moisturizer before I was unceremoniously kicked from the bathroom. All in all, though I did feel better.

Since starting to write this I have used the Nair a second time a week later. Some reviews said they were getting 2 weeks of hairless legs. I cannot say the same to be true, but it sure doesn’t come back in as sharp and prickly as when I was shaving. I think the plan will be to use it about every 2 to 3 weeks and shave in between and see how that goes.  my next self care plan will be to start painting my toenails again but I am waiting for a nail to heal after kicking a cat scratcher,  A couple more weeks at least.

It’s a good idea for your mental stability to take a few minutes for yourself and relax or find something you like to do. Make a blog, take a bath, or even go for a walk. And if you need to reach out to others for some help.  As I said, You can’t help other people if you first can’t help yourself.

Thanks for Reading.



Bathtub Image in blog banner by mohamed_hassan on Pixabay.

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