Update 2019

2018 ended on some high notes and 2019 seemed to be going fairly well, until recently.

Starting off 2019 with a Break

A few weeks ago I was in an accident that required an emergency visit to the hospital via an ambulance. I had called the wife to tell her to meet me at the ER and as I was talking to her I realized that I had painted my toenails a very bright sparkly red just recently as well as shaved my legs. This has always been a fear of mine and one of the main reasons I never, ever underdress at work. The fear hit me as I was talking to my wife about the toes, She said we could tell everybody that our kid had painted them. This option made me feel a little bit better. Fast forward to the hospital and sitting in the ER waiting room for what seemed like days and I was finally ushered into the back and up onto a hospital bed, I knew the moment of truth was to be soon. Doctors and nurses swarmed around me and I was told the socks would have to come off. There, in all there red sparkly glory were my nails, and not a word was said. It was only after the initial check was done that a nurse finally commented on how nice they looked and who had done them for me. I was then pushed all over the ER from room to room as I needed X-rays and other tests with my bright red toenails entering the room before I.

I was ushered into surgery the next day and was temporarily fixed up and spent the next 4 days laying in a room getting ready to go home and wait for the surgery to actually fix the problem, all the while with my toenails out for the entire ward, nurses and doctor to see. Of course I did not spill the beans and let out all my secrets, but still, I did not hide them either. It’s 2019 world and I can damn well have pretty nails too.

In appreciation of my Wife

My wife and I have been together for over 22 years between dating and marriage and to this day I am not sure how I lucked out and found the love of my life, A person that is truly kind, helpful and loving to the highest degree. If you remember way back when I posted a blog from a letter my Wife had sent to me titled Wifey’s point of View you would remember we have been through some pretty dark times and always come through the other side a little bit better. It’s dawned on me now after my accident even more how much my wife has done for me over the years and how much she does now. When I came home from the hospital I was pretty much useless, not able to get around very well, bound to a chair and unable to stand long enough to feed myself, and she was there for me the whole time. The worst part about this was she was just getting over some medical issues herself and this did not help at all. She was tired, stressed and still a bit sick but she was there for me. And I feel like a total ass at this point because most of the things I did around the house I now cannot do so I have to watch my poor wife struggle and do it. And through her aches and pain’s she does without even a argument

Dear, you are the greatest.

So it looks like I will have quite a bit of time for this injury to heal and with that time I was hoping I would get some more blog posts in. I am pretty sure my dressing for this season is over but recently I did purchase a new E.L.F. Holiday Contouring kit and picked up 2 of the new Maybelline Made For Me lipsticks in Red for Me and Ruby for Me. I am hoping that sooner than later I will be able to post my view’s on these.

Thanks for reading


5 thoughts on “Update 2019

  1. I’m sorry to hear of your accident Cynthia and your continuing convalescence but your story has a lovely outcome. In your case, the awareness of how wonderful your wife is. I hope her health improves quickly as well as your own.
    As for the hospital staff, I’m sure they have seen worse but it does show how important it is to always wear the right coloured polish on your toe nails!

    1. Thanks, Geraldine, it may be a long sore road for me but I do have the wife by my side at least. And the red polish was complimented on a few times LOL. It was the right choice for an ER visit.

  2. I’m glad you’re on the mend!

    I can relate to your post for a couple of reasons: I ended up in the emergency room a few years ago, and I have a wonderful and supportive wife (46 years married/50 years together).

    My accident resulted in a concussion, but they still removed my socks to reveal my painted toenails. I just said to the nurses, “I guess I’m outed now!”, but they were ambivalent to it. It was actually a seminal moment for me to transition, as I had only gone into “guy mode” in order to avoid being seen on the ladder outside my house, and I was only outside in order to not miss an important appointment with a utility tech. I needed to be home for the tech, only to avoid having my water turned off, and I was short on finances only because my cross dressing had interfered with my ability to have an adequate income. This unfortunate chain of events was of my own making, and was all a result of my attempt to avoid embarrassment. I laugh at it all now, but this chain of events is even more embarrassing than outing myself ever could be. The amount of time and energy I had spent maintaining a secret was really cause for my shame, and finding that there are much more important things in my life than something as insignificant as painted toenails led me to finally drop the facade.

    Whether one cross dresses or goes on to transition, the lesson is the same. Having to worry about what others may think robs one of the time and energy that could be better used to enjoy life. In my case, my wife was in favor of my transition because she could see that it was freeing for both of us.

    It’s not that we can ever be free of embarrassment, though. Should I get a concussion now, the first thing that would be removed at the hospital would be the wig I wear over my bald head! 🙂

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