Nothing New.

Hello, Lovely Readers.

Just a little note to let you know I am still around although not doing a lot here. I have not dressed since my last post way back in March, just way too much stuff going on around here, it’s sometimes hard to find the time.

Between dealing with family appointments, stuff for my Mother-In-Law and making sure we have been double vaccinated, there is not much spare time left in the week. any time I do get some spare time it’s spent cleaning of relaxing doing nothing.

We have had a break in some of the heat here though so maybe soon it will be time for Cynthia to come out for a night.

Have a good long weekend!!

More Small Steps.

10 months, or

292 days, or

7,008 hours, or

420,480 minutes, or

25,228,800 seconds since the last time I was able to dress, here is a little back story.

After the first lockdown here in Ontario, we ended up letting our kid’s partner move in with us as his home life was not going great at the time. Sometime around July, he moved in with us and there were some massive changes for all of us. I had the little things I could do like shave my legs and underdress but that was about it, even trying to paint my toenails was like undertaking a marathon and let’s not even get into the fact about people not knocking before entering a bedroom.

But after the last few months, he started talking with his parents, and recently he moved back in with them. Of course after so long of not dressing all I could think about was dressing again, just one problem, I have never actually dressed in front of my kid, and seeing as our numbers are yet again going back up around here there no chance they would be going out for the night any time soon.

Our kid has offered before to hide out in their bedroom so I would have the space to dress but I would rather not dress than have the kid stuck in their room. So I ran it past the wife about asking the kid how they would feel seeing me dressed, she said it was a good idea.

A little more back story on our kid, they were born female but came out as gender fluid sometime in 2016. I had always said that I would never tell any of our children about my dressing, it is a major part of me but I didn’t feel it was a secret that I would burden my kids with. Coming back to 2016 and our kid coming out, the wife and I decided that it may now be a good idea to tell the kid so they did not think they were alone in the world although I don’t identify as gender-fluid, to be quite honest I don’t really know how I do identify, that’s for another post.

Back to the story.

I decided that I would talk to the kid that night, but sometimes best-laid plans don’t go so well. Maybe it was because I had psyched myself up for the entire day but Friday night I could not bring myself to ask them at all, I decided to try again Saturday. After doing some running on Saturday I was playing some video games while the kid was doing some art beside me and I just blurted out and asked if they would be okay seeing me dressed, their answer was as I expected, a “YES”.

The blouse I was wearing. My literal favorite top!

The rest of the day was fairly boring, we ate some supper around 4 and spent some time watching Netflix before I headed off to have a shower. It’s been around 10 months, and I have let some areas of my face grow in more than I should so that needed to all be cleaned up. Plus, as this may be the last few times I can dress this season I decided I would get rid of the chest hair as well. I did not to get too crazy for this first time and I just decided to wear a really nice floral print blouse and a really great fitting pair of jeans, I figured makeup would be too much work and maybe too much for the first time.

When I was all ready, the kid was in watching some videos with my wife and I planted myself in the comfy chair and played some video games while I waited. When they finally came out there was not even a “WOW” moment, they just came out and sat on the couch like every other day. My wife double-checked with how they were feeling seeing me like that and the kid replied, “it’s just clothes”. So the rest of the evening was spent just chilling in the living room as if nothing else was going on.

I had planned on getting dressed up again on Sunday afternoon and this time going for some makeup as well. The plans did just not work out the way I had intended them to, in the morning I went out to get groceries and after I got all the cold stuff put away it was so nice out the three of us decided to head out for a walk. After walking around our neighborhood for a bit we headed back home, grabbed a bite to eat and I tried to lay down for a nap.

I can’t really say I slept much and still felt as tired as I did when I laid down, but it was around 2:30pm and I had to finish putting all the canned and dry foods away plus do the dishes while I also started supper. I had given up on doing any makeup for the day because it’s just too much work that late in the day for me.

After supper, I did decide to at least partially dress up, so I headed off to have a shower and picked out a new top to pair with my comfy jeans. Once my shower was over I hopped into my underwear, popped my forms in and headed off to the living room to have a sit-down and finish watching some Grays Anatomy.

It’s a great thing to know that I now do not have to wait until the kid leaves to be able to dress anymore and seeing as our numbers are going up here in the city I can’t see the kid being able to go anywhere for the foreseeable future.

I don’t plan on dressing at home all the time now but it’s great that we all feel that I can and no one really has any issues with it.

So where does it go from here?

From what I can tell our kid seems pretty open to the fact that their Dad likes to wear dresses at times and seems somewhat interested in the knowledge that I may have that can help them with their own interests like cosplaying.

Thanks for reading.

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What’s In a Name? The significance of choosing your own.

Beyond the makeup, clothes, and all the lacy lingerie you could ever pick out,  the most personal thing a Crossdresser gets to pick out is her name.  Out of all the things I have picked up over the years for my feminine persona my name is the most personal.  There can be a million different reasons for a million different Crossdressers for how they chose their name,  Some have picked old Girlfriends,  movie stars, and even family names.  And although it seems small,  the name is how you present yourself to the world.

Yes, I had known I was a crossdresser since about the age of 7,  but up until the year 2000 (17 years later) I was never able to talk to other people like me.  Here on the internet was people who had embraced their female side to the point of giving themselves names,  something up until this point I had never really thought of before.  Also, my Crossdressering was still a touchy subject at this point.  I was still very much was uncomfortable with it but it was evolving.

I decided that it was time for my femme side to have a name but I would be lying if I told you I remember all the variations I had come up with or that I had put a ton of thought into it.  There were a lot of Jenny’s, Lisa’s, and Rachael’s,  but I wanted something different.  My exact line of thinking is lost to me now but somehow,  someway I finally decided on Anastasia.

Anastasia (from Greek Ἀναστασία) is a feminine given name and the female equivalent of the male name Anastasius. The name is of Greek origin, coming from the Greek word anastasis (ἀνάστασις), meaning “resurrection”.


Until writing this post I had never before looked up the meaning of the name Anastasia, but now it seems the name may have struck more on the head of the nail than I knew.  It was a type of resurrection as I was really finally accepting this side of me and now I was putting a name to it.  It would no longer be that thing that I did and hated later on.

Anastasia stuck around for about 4 years.  I spent many long nights staring at the computer screen chatting to like-minded people.  I learned so much in this short amount of time.  I wish I remembered more from this time but I did not have the sense of acceptance of myself then as I do now.  At this point in life, I didn’t even own any clothes of my own as it was always more important to make sure our rent was paid than getting any extras for something that I was still not totally sure about.

Almost at the end of 2004, there was a shift and I became tired of Anastasia.  I think it was just more evolving to the point where I am in today.  I think I hurriedly picked Anastasia just so I could fit in online,  but on some level, I knew it was not really the name I wanted.  I would love to say that my next name came to me as a great epiphany or in a dream-like it was some sort of cosmic intervention,  but alas it was not.  It is more likely that I saw it on a sign in our local town and for some reason it got stuck in my head

Cynthia is a feminine given name of Greek origin: Κυνθία, Kynthía, “from Mount Cynthus” on Delos island. It can be abbreviated as Cindy or as Cyndy. There are various spellings for this name.Cynthia was originally an epithet of the Greek goddess Artemis, who according to legend was born on Mount Cynthus. Selene, the Greek personification of the moon, and the Roman Diana were also sometimes called “Cynthia”.


Some Crossdressers go through tons of names before they find one they really like and others never pick a forever name and prefer to change it as much as their clothes.  For whatever reason, Cynthia became cemented in my mind and I never looked back.  I cannot find the exact date when I took the plunge but my first email sent as Cynthia to a salon in my town was November 25, 2004.  Sixteen years late I am still Cynthia (sometimes) and I don’t see that it will change anytime soon.

Thanks For Reading.

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The ones that got away.


All pictures are property of either Addition Elle or Penningtons and parent company Reitmans.

I think as a Crossdresser, at times we go to the extremes and obsess.  We want the best makeup, clothes, and underthings.  And even though we think we need these things,  sometimes we don’t always get our way.  Here are some of my favorite pieces that got away.

Almost all of my clothes come from 2 stores,  either Penningtons or Addition Elle,  Sister stores owned by Canadian retailer Reitmans.  Addition Elle recently closed all of its brick and mortar stores and are now being sold from Penningtons stores.  You might wonder why I would shop exclusively from somewhat expensive stores?  Well, they both cater to plus sizes, and during their sales and clearance’s you can get some wickedly good deals.  I have bought some really nice skirts and dresses for less than I would spend on some takeout lunch.

You can check out to see some of their stuff.

I posted this one before but this would have been the first dress I ever purchased on my own without my wife’s help.  Unfortunately by the time I was able to make it to the store the dress was already sold out in my size.  The lady at the store really helped me try to find something that was close and I really think the replacement one was just as good or better.


I wished I had saved more pictures of this dress but this was before I decided that keeping pictures for my blog was a good idea.

Moving back to my Christmas Wish list for 2018 I had this Baby Doll Mixed Media Flutter Sleeve Lace Dress by Michel Studio through Addition Elle.

If you can remember any of my other posts,  I have a real soft spot for lace anything.  I do like the fact that it has at least short sleeves but I am not so sure about the length.  My legs are not what they used to be.  I love the line that Addition Elle used to explain this dress.

Add some lipstick, high heels and you’ll be turning heads in this romantic and sexy plus size baby doll dress.

Moving ahead to Christmas 2019 we have 2 more dresses on the list.  Firstly we have the Knot-Front Lurex Dress.

This dress is right up my alley.  It’s not tight-fitting and flows but it’s also made with metallic fabric which gives it that little POP.

The next dress is the Black Lace & Pleat Dress.

I am not a fan of sleeveless dresses but I think I could deal with it by wearing this number.  I really love the lace accent at the top and the cut-out in the back.  I would probably still have added something to cover my arms though,  shawl maybe?

This is the dress that spawned this whole blog post.  This is the Addition Elle long sleeve velvet dress.

I came across this one back in late December or early January.  At that time it was still at the regular price which I think was around $79.99.  I will admit I did go back to the website and check it out more than once.  It did finally go on sale and at one point was down to $32.00,  still more than I should be spending on a new dress.  It did not matter the price because there was no stock at the local Penningtons and I don’t do online shopping.  This is fine because as my wife says,  my side of the closet is brimming and I don’t really have room to cram another dress in there.

This dress really would have been me though.  Velvet, with the mesh upper section, just screams Cynthia’s style.  Plus it has full sleeves,  and the only issue I can see with that is me wanting to roll them up,  not really something you want to do on something this delicate looking.

Unfortunately,  owning this dress was not to be,  there is no stock in any Penningtons store near me and I don’t do online shopping.  And honestly, even though I really wanted it I know I have no need or room for yet another dress that will sit on a hanger in my closet gathering more dust than hours of wear.

Even though the following ones did not get time in a blog post they are still pretty high on my list.

Michel Studio Lace Dress with Flower Lining


Love & Legend Print and Mesh Dress


Michel Studio Dress with One Lace Sleeve



Taking Small Steps Forward.


Still in lock down here in Ontario, so I thought I would re-live some happy times from the past.  Be warned,  there is a ton of pictures in this post.

I keep it no secret that I have never been out in public dressed, but that’s not to say that as I have gotten older that it’s not on the table.

For most of my life as a Crossdresser I had no desire to leave the house.  It was equal parts fear and not being skilled enough in my dressing and makeup to even come close to passing.  But has I have aged more the itch to get out has become stronger.

The first step in this process was leaving my house in broad daylight. Way, WAY back in 2018 I was asked to house sit for someone and it would be at least 3 months of being by myself on a large chunk of property well off the road. There was all the privacy I needed to get outside and enjoy some of the sunlight and more than enough driveway that if someone was to try and come in they would be seen and I could retreat into the house.

August of 2018 rolled around and I packed up all my stuff to take with me to house sit. About 3 boxes of clothes, makeup, and other miscellaneous objects along with my camera. My first chance to dress came about mid-month, I had tried previously to that but I found that +28 degree heat and humidity in Canada did not equal a great experience wearing makeup.

When we finally got to the point in August where the heat was bearable enough to wear some makeup and not have it slide off your face I decided it was time to try again. hang_upThe upstairs of this house had a clothes rack hanging from the wall and was a great place to hang up all my clothes so they were ready for a quick change. Makeup was difficult because the only room that was adequate to apply was a very small bathroom with terrible lighting, through some trial and error I made it work.

Once my face was done and I was dressed in my first outfit, it was time to head outside. This was my first trip outside past the front door and the feeling of the sun on me was great, it was like I was seeing the outside for the first time with new eyes. I was still a little cautious even though there was no way I could be seen by anyone, years of trying to hide my dressing had taken their toll. I set the Tripod up and programmed the camera for a 10-second timer and a 5 shot burst. I donned my wig pushed the button and stepped in front of the lens.

I found the 5 shot was the best method for taking photos because it gives you some time to move between the shots giving the pictures a little more life. 

I couldn’t tell what the pictures looked like on the crappy little screen on the camera so I figured it was best to take all the pictures I wanted with all the outfits I wanted to wear and check them on the computer later on. After my first outfit, I changed 4 more times and took close to 100 photos.

After packing up the camera I sat down in the chair with my trusty laptop in hand and waited patiently while the pictures were uploaded from the camera. Of course, there was a fair share of pictures that did not turn out or were out of focus due to me moving but the majority (at least in my mind) turned out well.

Truth be told I hate having my picture taken while in male mode, I have actively tried not to have my picture taken since I was in high school. So I was kinda shocked when after about a dozen photos I came across these couple.

There was a hot wind blowing through the yard that day and it just made the dress flutter in the wind.  I have to say it’s really the best picture of me taken ever.

Scrolling through the other photo’s made me happy that I had taken the chance to head outside for this little adventure.

Clearly, you can tell this was the wrong color foundation.

I was able to experiment with so many of my outfits and dresses that up to that point had been sadly hardly every worn.  The dress below specifically was one of the first dresses I went out and bought on my own with no help from my wife.  It hold’s a special place in my closet.


So it continued for the remainder of August and into September and October, I was able to dress and just relax or dress and head outside to take a bunch of pictures. It was one of the most fun times I have ever spent. It was great being able to take the time to work on my makeup skills and put a little more thought into my outfits instead of just reaching into the closet and pulling the first thing out.

Not only did I have the experience of getting outside, but this was the summer when I really started to properly expand my makeup and tools. IMG_20180909_115325I was getting closer to my proper shade of foundation and with new sponges the applications was turning out better. Experimenting with a decent set of eyeshadow brushes really makes the application easier and look 100% better even for an beginner like me.

This was also the time when I was experimenting with different types of foundation, specifically Maybelline Fit Me Matte+poreless. I had purchased at least 3 colors and was experimenting with them during all the pictures. You can clearly see in some of the September photos that my foundation was not the proper shade. Thankfully the next color I tried was spot on and I have been a true believer of Maybelline face products since.

So do I still want to get out of the house?  Yes I do,  but Currently that’s not an option.  Hopefully we can get ourselves out of this COVID mess and try and get life back to something normal.  I still have some hopes that a local CD meeting group can be started here in the city,  I have seen some other interest in it so we will have to see where it leads once people in Ontario are allowed out and about and have decent access to the vaccines.

I find myself digging back into my digital storage and looking at the pictures and not only seeing a new experience that I had but from the perspective of 2020/2021 feels like a simpler time.



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My Revlon Lipstick Collection: Update 2020 – Part Two.

revlon 2020_part two

With way too many photos to try and cram into one post,  here is part two of my Revlon Lipstick Collection.

22. 450 Gentlemen Prefer Pink – Pearl

23. 463 Sassy Mauve – Creme

24. 477 Black Cherry – Creme

25. 525 Wine With Everything – Creme

26. 625 Iced Amethyst – Pearl

27. 641 Spicy Cinnamon – Pearl

28. 654 Ravish Me Red – Creme

29. 657 Fuchsia Fusion – Pearl

30. 668 Primrose – Creme

31. 677 Siren – Creme

32. 720 Fire & Ice – Creme

33. 740 Certainly Red – Creme

34. 745 Love is On – Creme

35. 755 Bare it All – Creme

36. 766 Secret Club – Creme

37. 767 Lovesick – Creme

38. 770 Dramatic – Creme

39. 773 I Got Chills – Creme

40. 774 Fearless – Creme

41. 775 Super Red – Creme

42. 850 Plum Velour – Sheer

So that is currently every Revlon lipstick that I own.  I should probably never again purchase another lipstick,  but I know I will.

There will be another lipstick collection post in the near future as I have my Maybelline Collection as well but it’s at least a lot shorter.

Thanks For Reading

Part 1 can be found here.



My Revlon Lipstick Collection: Update 2020 – Part One

revlon 2020_part One

I decided to delete the old Revlon Lipstick Collection post I had and do a new one for a couple of reasons.

  1. The website I was hosting the images on no longer allows that option on free memberships.
  2. My collection has doubled since originally posting it.
  3. I can’t dress for the foreseeable future so you will have to put up with me posting pictures of all my makeup to keep myself sane.

So instead of going back and replacing all the photos in the original post and updating it with all the new ones I have just decided to do a whole new post with all new pictures.

Buckle up,  this is a long one.

Revlon is an Iconic brand and has been around since 1932 producing nail polish.   By 1940 they had added lipstick to the brand and the rest is history.  Some shades of the Super Lustrous Lipstick line have been around for years like Love That Red from 1951 and Cherries in the snow from 1953.

Currently the Super Lustrous line comes in Creme, Pearl and Matte finishes.  My collection mostly consists of the regular Super Lustrous line with a few of the new Luscious Mattes as well.

I first tried Revlon lipsticks back in 2016 on a whim when I them on sale.  Regular price is a little over 10.00 Canadian but were on sale for 4.99,  good deal to at least try them out.  I can say I was pleasantly pleased by how well they worked and felt.  At this point in time I really only had a few Covergirl lipsticks and wanted to try some other brands.  With the amount of colors and finishes, Revlon seemed to fit the bill and the rest is history.

I can remember trying some lipsticks when I was younger and always hated how some of them felt,  like there was always something stuck to your lips.  At this point I had really only purchased CoverGirl lipsticks and was looking for some more color ranges and finishes

1. 005 Heartbreaker – The Luscious Mattes

2. 008 Show Off – The Luscious Mattes

3. 017 Crushed Rubies – The Luscious Mattes

4. 027 Violet Frenzy – Pearl

5. 028 Cherry Blossom – Pearl

6. 045 Naughty Plum – Creme

7. 046 Bombshell Red – Creme

8. 047 Dare to be Nude – Matte (Discontinued)

9. 048 Audacious Mauve – Matte (Discontinued)

10. 049 Rise up Rose – Matter (discontinued)

11. 051 Red Rules The World – Matte (Discontinued)

12. 052 Show Stopper – Matte (Discontinued)

13. 053 So Lit – Matte (Discontinued)

14. 054 Femme Future Pink – Matte (Discontinued)

15. 055 Forward Magenta – Matte (Discontinued)

16. 057 Power Move – Matte (Discontinued)

17. 130 Rose Velvet – Creme

18. 423 Pink Velvet – Creme

19. 430 Softsilver Rose – Pearl

20. 435 Love That Pink – Creme

21. 440 Cherries in the Snow – Pearl

For the time being,  I will leave it here.  My poor old laptop is really having issues with all the images on screen.  There will be a part two with the last of the pictures.

Thanks for Reading

Part 2 can be found here.



Christmas Update 2020


Merry Christmas to all my readers,  I hope your holidays were as happy as they could have been.

Maybe it was just me, but Christmas this year did not feel like Christmas to me at all.  The eve was windy and wet and it’s no lie that all day I really did forget that it was Christmas Eve.

Seeing as we have almost come to the end of another year,  I figured it was time for a bit of an update.

Blog Birthday.

My blog turned 7 this year in the beginning of December. There’s only a few things in my life I have done longer than this blog so I am pretty happy I have kept up with it albiet sporadically at times.

Life In General.

Life around our little city was not going too bad, for the most part our numbers were usually around 13 and lower at times of people with positive COVID tests. That was until about two or three months ago when all of Ontario’s numbers started spiking. At one point Ontario was getting over 2000 positive’s a day. With the numbers breaking records every day, last week the Ontario provincial government decided to put the breaks on and call another lock down. As of Boxing day 2020 all non-essential businesses will be closed again until the end of January at least.

The worst part about all of this (again) is that this would not have been an issue if people just listened to the advise of health professionals.


With a change in our living situation here, there has been no chances to dress since about August. I had decided to try and keep blogging but it’s hard to come up blog ideas and inspiration when you know you can’t even try on the new lipsticks you just bought.

It’s all good though, I have taken all the energy I would have spent on dressing and applied it to some of my other hobbies that I have wanted to spend some more time on.

The Family.

We have been pretty much stuck in our apartment following all of the restrictions that were set forth by the Ontario Government.  So no parties, no large gatherings and keeping to our small immediate family.  Going out around here only means to work, grocery store or to the pharmacy to get med’s and that’s it.

My wife is imunocomprimised so since this whole thing started her safety was top priority which means we have tried to take every precaution possible to keep her safe.  When we do have to head out we try and limit the time out and if the store looks busy we just don’t go in.

So that’s all that seems to be going on around here, I truly hope you are all doing well and having a great Christmas and I hope the New Year bring some good news for you all.

Thanks for reading.



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Take some time for yourself.


This year has been F-ed up for so many reasons, and the amount of stress that can be associated with it is astronomical. Sometimes to deal with everything it’s a good idea to take even 5 minutes to think about yourself, so…..

I tweeted

For various reasons that I will not get into here, I will not be able to dress for the foreseeable future and it’s bumming me out. And it’s not that I dressed a lot to begin with, always having to make sure the house is empty of kids is a herculean task in and of itself, and even more so when you have teenagers. So to be honest, even pre-COVID I was only dressing maybe once a month (if that). But now that I know there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE AT ALL, it hits hard.

And I know that this situation has hit other people worse than me. I at least have my wife I can talk to about this and she understands the situation. For all the other Gals out there that are not out to their wives or still living in the closet, I feel for you, and you will get through this.

So back to my tweet about some self-care. I decided to take some of my advice and start my winter routine even though I can’t dress at this point. I figured I could at least shave my legs. The first time always takes so freaking long and so, so many razors. There is very little to no hair on my lower legs but my upper legs and knees more than make up for it, So trying to shave for the first time in a season is a real undertaking, and I just don’t have that kind of time and patience this year.

The new plan? let’s try some depilatory cream to make this a little easier. I did a little bit of research and settled on Nair Shower Power MAX for coarse hair, we had to take a trip to Wally World anyways which would be great because I was almost out of my favorite body lotion as well and it’s the only place it is sold in this entire city. We headed there for 9 and when we pulled in the place was still almost empty (It was Thanksgiving as well) and we were able to pull almost up to the door.

Once we were inside, had our cart, and sanitized our hands we were off. The wife had to head to the shampoo aisle and I took off to the shaving aisle first and quickly found what I was looking for. The Nair cream is a little pricey and way more than I would have spent on even 2 bags of razors and a ton of shaving cream to go along with it but it still seemed like the easier choice.
After the shaving aisle, it was off to the body lotion area where I grabbed my Olay Quench body lotion. I can’t figure out why in a city of this size there can be only one retailer that sells this brand of moisturizer? I have checked every drug store, grocery, and little shop I can find and no one else carry’s it. So that means when I run out it’s a trip to the far end of town to get a new one. And it’s not like it’s some sort of high-end moisturizer either, It’s Olay which pretty much is a staple of drugstore and the like. Okay, I am done ranting.

We wandered the home goods and electronics section before heading off to pick up some groceries and then proceeded to the checkout. To my amazement, there was no line and we were ushered up to an empty cashier. Once we had paid for everything we were out the door and heading home again.
Once home the wife went to lay down while I cleaned the kitchen and put all the groceries away. When I came across the bag with my Nair I decided to read the directions, and damn even with my glasses on I had to strain to see the writing. I know space is limited on these bottles but if these companies could please make the directions a little bigger that would be great, it is after all a chemical that burns the hair off the body.

The product has to be applied to dry skin and then you can get into the shower but you cannot leave the product on for more than 10 minutes. So the plan was to apply the product, set the timer, shave face, and then hop into the shower and wait for the timer to go off.

I announced like I always do before a shower, “DOES ANYONE NEED THE BATHROOM?” and I was greeted with a round of no’s, great I can now have some peace and quiet.

The Nair is applied with a weird sponge that comes with it, it’s smooth on one side and bumpy on the other. According to the directions you are to apply a thick coat with the smooth side of the sponge and then after waiting the time remove with the bumpy side using a circular motion. So the plan went into action and by the time I finished shaving, I only had 4 minutes left and hopped into the shower and started to clean up. Once the timer went off I grabbed the sponge again and started on my left leg, and HOLY CRAP this is so much faster than shaving. With standard razors and gel, I would have been stuck in the shower for at least 30 min (or longer) and have used half a can of shave gel and at least 3 razors (or more) before my legs were decent.

So now I am done in the shower and all I have to do is hop out, moisturize and I will be done.


Me: What?

Wife: I need the bathroom, are you done?

Me: I freaking asked if anyone needed it before I even went in here!

Wife: I know, but I didn’t have to go then.

Well shit, it never fails. I dried off as much as I could and applied moisturizer before I was unceremoniously kicked from the bathroom. All in all, though I did feel better.

Since starting to write this I have used the Nair a second time a week later. Some reviews said they were getting 2 weeks of hairless legs. I cannot say the same to be true, but it sure doesn’t come back in as sharp and prickly as when I was shaving. I think the plan will be to use it about every 2 to 3 weeks and shave in between and see how that goes.  my next self care plan will be to start painting my toenails again but I am waiting for a nail to heal after kicking a cat scratcher,  A couple more weeks at least.

It’s a good idea for your mental stability to take a few minutes for yourself and relax or find something you like to do. Make a blog, take a bath, or even go for a walk. And if you need to reach out to others for some help.  As I said, You can’t help other people if you first can’t help yourself.

Thanks for Reading.



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My Favorite Things.


I was bored the other night and on a whim decided to post a picture of my favorite eyeshadow palette on Twitter Thinking I would make it a “My Favorite Things” thread. 

I believe it works better as a blog post,  so here ya go.  This is labeled as Part One because I know I will miss some stuff and have to put out a Part Two in the near future.

All of these item’s were purchased by myself and are my own unbiased opinion.  I have not be paid or gifted these items by the respective owners,  but if anyone wants to send me free things I would totally be up for that,  just sayin.

This Dress

Picked this dress up from Penningtons on clearance at the time.  It’s a 3/4 sleeve with a very light fabric.  The picture of me was part accident and part planned as I had my camera set to burst shot and as I moved around the wind also picked up giving a decent pic.  It is seriously the best picture there is of me that most people will never see.

This Top.

This top could go with so many items from a pair of jeans to a plain black skirt,  it can do it all.  The only issue I have with this top is it’s see through,  so there is a need to wear something else.  I usually just pair it with a tank top underneath for the extra coverage.

This Skirt.

I don’t really own a lot of skirts (Maybe 5 or 6) so I really did have a hard time of picking just one I loved more than all the rest so I had to pick 2. 

First up is a Lace Pencil skirt I had my eye on since I first saw it on the Penningtons website.  It was the perfect length and the burgundy lace over the black looks amazing.  I bolted into the store the second I saw this thing go into the sale area at half off and was not disappointed. 


Second is a Pleated Shark Bite Skirt which has an inner and outer layer with the latter being see through.  This is the classic swishing skirt that flows behind you as you walk.  It could be used for a formal situation but could also be worn with a relaxed top for a casual look.

This Bra.

This is the Ashley Graham Animal Print Phenomenon Convertible Bra and it is by far one of the most comfortable bra’s I have ever owned.  This bra does not move or slide down because of the silicone bands on the inside for extra grip when the straps are removed to convert it to strapless.  Plus with the 6 clasps in the back it gives great support to hold on when forms are in place.  Plus you can’t go wrong with the purple animal print,  and of course I got the matching bottoms.


These Pantyhose.

I have spent way to much money over the years trying to find that elusive pair of pantyhose or thigh high’s that will last forever,  alas it is still an ongoing search but these are the closest I have come to being my Holy Grail.

These (at least for me) seem to take a little bit more punishment than some others I have tried before,  and if you have cats you will know the struggle is real.

This Razor.

I have tried a lot of different razors from cheap drugstore brand 2 blades to the more expensive 5 blade variants,  and I have to say by far this beats them all.  I know some people say there is no difference between men’s and woman’s razors but this one in my opinion is well above them all for shaving legs.

The flexible head does follow curves very well and makes it easier to get every last little hair.  I know major brands of razor are very expensive but I have found these last quite a long time for me at least even shaving every 2 to 3 day.


This Moisturizer.

I’m gonna be honest,  I had not tried any other facial moisturizers before purchasing this one but the more I learned about makeup the more kept hearing that a better base lead’s to better looking makeup application.  After some research the Olay Complete Moisturizer seemed like a good affordable choice.

This has very little scent and absorbs quickly.  I was actually amazed at how soft the skin on my grizzled old face felt after using this.


This Lipstick.

Not only is it a great color from a great line of makeup it was also a Christmas present,  so that makes this very special to me.   I have wanted a MAC lipstick forever and last year I got my wish.  It’s a bold red color and damn does it look great.  Was a MAC lipstick worth waiting for?  You bet!

From MAC

A creamy, balmy Lipstick formula with a comforting feel, medium buildable coverage and a semi-glossy finish.

Brave Red is a Bright Yellow Red

and from Temptalia

MAC Brave Red is a moderately warm-toned, medium-dark red with a natural finish.


This Eyeshadow Palette.

Say what you want about drug store makeup but this palette looks amazing.  I don’t really have the money to be dropping at places like Sephora or MAC so I usually wait till I see something I want at the drug store go on sale.  This is one of them.  The colors are so vibrant and the pigmentation and application are great in my opinion.

So there is My Favorite Things part one.  It took me well over a week to write this wracking my brain as to what I really thought was my actual Favorite things over the others that I have.

Thanks for reading.